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Limited OFFER for first 10 customers of the day
Enjoy 100% cash back on solar film purchase
we cool down your car completely FREE

100% Cash Back

SSS offers 100% cash back for 'Buy For Own Use'. Choose any model of SSS Solar Film and enjoy 100% cash back. The cash back will be reimbursed in 6 calendar month in equal amount of each month. This is a limited offer for First 10 customers of the day only.

How it works:

  • Choose the model

  • Buy the product

  • Send your car to SSS workshop to install

  • SSS will reimburse your payment in 6 consecutive months in equal amount

  • Example: Product value rm1200, payback would be rm200 x 6 months.

  • T&C: installation labor cost is rm150 to pay at SSS panel workshop

We help you grow your cash using SSS Bulletproof Fast Track Consignment System during Covid 19 economy hardship 2020

SSS offers investment program for its Window Solar Film. The investment program is run by an Automatic Consignment System. You buy SSS products and we sell for you with proven Bulletproof High Return Of Investment (ROI) from 150% - 180% per trade.

​​How it works:

  • Go to investment platform

  • Choose a model

  • Buy the product. It will automatic under Consignment

  • SSS will sell the product for you

  • 100% cash back on invested capital every month

  • Profit sharing is 50% per trade

  • Earn additional 30% by just refer 3 person to join


if you refer 3 persons to join within 30 days, we help you to grow your investment up to 150% immediately.


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