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Member to INVESTOR

  • member can choose to invest in SSS

  • SSS offer very high return on investment up to 150% within 6 months.

  • the minimum investment package is rm600.00, however, the maximum amount a member allow to invest is rm60,000.

Example 1: investment amount rm600.00

ROI = 150%

Return = rm900

Withdrawal = rm150 x 6 months

Example 2: investment amount rm6,000.00

ROI = 150%

Return = rm9,000.00

Withdrawal = rm1,500 x 6 months

Example 3: investment amount rm60,000

ROI = 150%

Return = rm90,000.00

Withdrawal = rm15,000 x 6 months


Business Unit Program

  • for those who are looking for an opportunity to start a business with low capital yet make huge profit.

  • member can join our Business unit Program

  • start up capital as low as rm600.00

  • just need to find 3 customers per month

  • just need to work for 6 months

  • earn up to rm100,000.00 after 6 months

  • we help Malaysian to overcome their financial problem and set them free as easy steps as above.

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