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What is SSS business portfolio?

  • SSS Team are specialize in automotive industries from Window Solar film, Car Accessories, Body Coating, Polish etc.

  • SSS focus in supply chain and ecosystem of automotive industries.

What does SSS offers?

  • For online platform, SSS offers few range of window solar films.

  • SSS offers 2 packages in its marketing strategies to penetrate the market;

  • Package A: Buy for Own Use

  • package B: Buy to Invest with consignment business plan

Is SSS practice business legally in Malaysia?

  • Yes, SSS is a concept name. SSS is registered with Registration Of Company (ROC) Malaysia under the name of Matrix Version Sdn Bhd

How to get FREE window solar film?

  • Only 10 customers of the day for the FREE window solar film.

  • Customer to register at and choose Purchase For Own Use.

  • SSS admin will select 10 'first come first serve' members to qualify for the FREE package with 100% cash back.

For Own Use

How to purchase for Own Use?

  • Customer would need to register as member at

  • Log in. Choose the suitable model .

  • Member need to Purchase Point (PP) to buy product. Top Up the amount you want and make payment either by Credit Card or FPX

  • Admin will issue Purchase Point (PP) to member's PP Wallet.

  • Log in again and buy the product and pay via the PP wallet. (products only can be purchased via points and no cash)

  • Key in their vehicle's Type, Model, Year and choose preferred installation State, City and Area.

  • SSS installation workshop will contact member for the installation schedule within 14 working days

  • ** member would need to pay for installation labor cost. For Solar Tint - RM150.00 for sedan and RM200.00 for MPV/SUV. (Exclude removal of old tint). For SSS3600 security tint, RM300.00 for Sedan and RM400.00 for SUV/MPV (Exclude removal of old tint).  Removal of old tint labor cost is RM50 for Sedan and RM80 for SUV/MPV. Commercial vehicle not allow

  • Member will receive 16.7% cash back each month for 6 months (total 100%). Cash back will appear in RP wallet

  • Example: SSS1200 (rm1200), member will get cash back of rm200 x 6 months.

  • RP wallet can be used to purchase product or transfer to CP wallet for withdrawal or transfer to other member as SRP to purchase product

How many products available in SSS window films?

  • SSS offers 5 window film models. It may increase in future along with other products

How many product can I buy?

  • One account can buy one product only. Create new account to buy additional product

What does it means by 100% cash back?

  • Member will get back 100% cash back of their purchase cost

  • Cash back is in 6 months scheduled repayment

  • Example: SSS1200 (rm1200). member will receive cash back of rm200 x 6 months.

If I have few cars model, how to buy?

  • Each account can only buy one product. Create new account to buy more

  • Member need to fill in all car Type, Model and Year manufactured

Does purchase for own use enjoy ROI bonuses?

  • No. Purchase for own use only enjoy 100% cash back.

  • Own Use does not enjoy other ROI or Bonuses

Can purchase for own use invite other member to join?

  • Can. But it will not enjoy leadership program Bonuses, Reward or ROI


For Investment

What it means by Investment?

  • Member can buy SSS's product to invest and enjoy the Return Of Investment up to 150% within 6 months

  • SSS allows member to buy SSS product and consign to SSS to sells for them and share the profit

  • Member enjoy 100% cash back on capital plus profit sharing up to 50%. Total cash back is 150%.

  • 25% each month for 6 consecutive calendar months.

  • Example: 

    • Invest rm600.00 = return rm900

    • ROI = 150%

    • Withdrawal = rm150.00 x 6 months

Maximum limit for investment is rm60,000.00 per account​

How to purchase for investment?

  • Register as member at

  • Choose For Investment

  • Member need to purchase Point to invest. Top Up to buy Purchase Point (PP). Make the payment (10% consignment fee will be charged)

  • Admin will issue Purchase Point (PP) in member PP wallet

  • Log in, choose For Investment and purchase the package using PP (purchase only can be done via PP, no cash)

  • Check history

  • ** SSS reserves the right to approve or keep in waiting list of the purchase. (Activation / Pending)

  • ** The period of waiting list shall not exceed 30 days. SSS controls number of investor for each calendar month

What is the minimum investment amount?

  • The minimum investment package is rm600.00. 10% (RM60.00) Consignment fee will be charged on purchase

How many lots can I purchase at one time?

  • One package at one time. Member can purchase additional package after the previous purchase is done

Can I purchase additional package after my first purchase?

  • Yes. Log in and purchase again

How do I see my purchase history?

  • Log in and go to History. All purchases histories are display

How do I monitor my cash back and bonuses?

  • All cash back, ROI and bonuses are in Reward Points (RP) wallet

What is the Return Of Investment (ROI) for investment program?

  • The basic ROI is 150% within 6 months withdrawal

    • Fast Track Consignment System = get 150% ROI immediately if refer 3 customers to join within 30 days for one package

  • More bonuses for member who refers new customer to join and enjoy 3 level leadership bonuses

    • 1st level = 10%

    • 2nd level = 6%

    • 3rd level = 4%

    • All the above percentage are base on the purchase amount by new customer

  • Company reserves 3% profit sharing for leaders with rank (Bronze, Silver and Gold). Share among leaders according to below %

    • Gold = 10%

    • Silver = 5%

    • Bronze = 2%

    • This is base on overlap bonus. Example: If you are GOLD (10%), and you have Silver (5%) under you, you only get 5% and

    • If you are Silver (5%), and you have Bronze (2%) under you, you only get 3%

What is Fast Track Consignment System?

  • Fast Track means member can get back the ROI immediately ( bypass 6 months repayment)

  • The basic ROI is 150% within 6 months of scheduled repayment

  • But if member invites another 3 customers to join within 30 days, he will get back ROI of 150% immediately

  • This Fast Track is base on package by package.

  • Example: if member invest 1 package of rm600.00, he then invites 3 new customers to join who invest 1 lot of rm600.00 each (total rm1800), he then enjoy Fast rack of rm900.00 immediately within the same day. The ratio is 1:3. 

Wallet and its function
What is PP wallet purpose?
  • PP stands for Purchase Point
  • Member needs to buy PP to buy product or Invest
  • PP will appear in PP wallet
  • PP wallet can be used for:
    • Purchase product or Invest
    • Transfer to other member
What is RP wallet and purpose?
  • RP stands for Reward Point
  • All ROI, Bonuses and Rewards will be in RP wallet
  • RP wallet can be used for:
    • Buy product (only 50% of Product value can use RP , the balance must use PP. If product is RM600.00 (RP 50% / PP 50%)
    • Transfer to other member as SRP to save 5% withdrawal fee. Member will enjoy 10% bonus if transfer RP to other member SRP. The 10% bonus will appear in principal member SRP wallet
    • Transfer to CP wallet for withdrawal. (withdrawal fee 5% when member withdraw to cash out)
What is SRP wallet and purpose?
  • SRP stands for Special Reward Point
  • SRP wallet can be used for:
    • Member can sell their RP to other member as SRP to buy product
    • SRP cannot transfer back to RP or PP
    • SRP can be used to buy product or Invest (only 50% of product value is allow, the balance is to use PP)
What is CP wallet and purpose?
  • CP stands for Cash Point
  • CP can be used for:
    • Transfer back to RP to buy product or Invest
    • Withdraw to cash (withdrawal fee is 5%)

Leadership Program

What is Leadership program?

  • Member that join by himself only is call member

  • Member that invites others to join is call Leader

  • Each member can open account for new member or send referral link to new member to open account

  • Once invited member open account, he/she will be automatically under the member that invites him/her

  • Leader will enjoy few bonuses;

    • 3 levels Leadership bonus:

      • 1st level: 10%

      • 2nd level: 6%

      • 3rd level: 4%

    • Leadership Rank bonus:

      • Gold: 10%

      • Silver: 5%

      • Bronze: 2%

      • These are base on overlap bonus.

    • Pool bonus:

      • Company reserves 3% of profit sharing for all leaders with rank: (Once in every 4 months)

        • Gold: 1%

        • Gold and Silver: 1%

        • Gold, Silver and Bronze: 1%

  • Transfer Bonus

    • All ROI and Bonuses will be in RP wallet.

    • Member can transfer RP to CP wallet for withdrawal (withdrawal charge is 5%)

    • Member can sell the RP point to other member and earn 10% bonus into their SRP account (Transfer bonus)

How to achieve Bronze level?
  • Member must has first layer direct sponsor of 10 members
  • Member must achieve rm30,000 within his group sales
How to achieve Silver level?
  • Member must has first layer direct sponsor of 20 members
  • Member must achieve rm150,000 within his group sales
  • Member must has 5 Bronze leaders under him
How to achieve Gold level?
  • Member must has direct sponsor of 40 members
  • Member must achieve rm750,000 within his group sales
  • Member must has 5 Silver leaders under him
How to qualify for Pool bonus? (Every 4 months)
  • Only leader with ranking will qualify for pool bonus
  • Pool bonus will be shared with leaders according to their rank:
    • Gold: 1%
    • Gold and Silver: 1%
    • Gold, Silver and Bronze: 1%

what is sss business porfolio
For Own Use
For Investment
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